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Weather-resistant paints for exteriors

Facade Paints

Facade paints from Sto have been specially formulated for a long life and great coverage. All Sto paints are free of solvents and plasticisers, also making them safe for the environment, installers and end-users.

A selection of Sto facade paints are also available to purchase online at

Lotus-Effect® Paint

StoColor Lotusan

A unique self-cleaning facade paint, suitable for masonry and rendered surfaces. Water and dirt is unable to cling to the surface, so every time it rains the facade is simply washed clean. More arrow

Acrylic Dispersion Paints

StoColor Jumbosil

Modified acrylate facade dispersion paint, ideally suited for masonry and other mineralic substrates. Weatherproof and colourfast. More arrow

StoColor Maxicryl

Acrylate facade dispersion paint with high covering power and colourfastness. Suitable for masonry, brick/blockwork and synthetic render substrates. More arrow

StoColor Crylan

Acrylate facade dispersion paint with high covering power and low surface tension, for use on mineral and synthetic substrates. More arrow

StoColor Metallic

Acrylate facade paint with an attractive metallic finish. For use on a wide range of substrates, including masonry, brickwork and synthetic renders. More arrow

Silicone Resin Paints

StoColor Silco

Silicone resin paint for stonework and other mineralic substrates. Provides a hydrophobic coating with excellent vapour diffusion, making it highly resistant to soiling and aggressive weather conditions. More arrow

Silicate Paints

StoColor Sil

Silicate paint coating with excellent adhesion to mineralic substrates, ideal for sustainable conservation projects. Provides a breathable coating, resistance to algae, and protection against acid and alkaline exposure. More arrow

StoColor Lotusan and a selection of Sto facade and interior paints, brushes, rollers and more are available to buy online.


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